Colorful is a hack-n-slash game where you use your magic brush to fight the shadows that have consumed the colors of the world. Your brush has four unique color abilities that grant you different powers. Use them well though, as they have limited range and cooldowns. One unique feature of Colorful is that the world around you is your ally! Recovering your health, summon allies or create shields, the environment will thank you for giving it back its former majesty!

Origin and inspirations

I've always been a fan of action and hack-n-slash games, like Devil May Cry and Kingdom Hearts. I knew I wanted to create this kind of game, but I had noticed that these games, as fun as they were, always had very simple environments that were basically empty arenas for you to fight in. I wanted the world to be a mechanic of the game, a part of the experience. So there eventually came the concept of painting things in the world that affected you. Also, I wanted to make a very agile and fluid movement system. That's why most abilities in the game have some sort of movement enhancing capacity. It might not be clear by words, but play the game and you will understand!


  • Every object you paint produces different effects
  • Almost everything in the environment is interactive. This impacts both exploration and combat
  • Obtain different colors for your brush. Each color is a different power
  • Combine your brush's colors for powerful results!
  • Move freely across the landscape thanks to your brush's powers
  • Independent enemy AI meaning they won't attack one by one


Gameplay video via YouTube


Download demo

Windows 64 bit build
Demo build for Windows 64 bit (August 29th,2017) Download
Windows 32 bit build
Demo build for Windows 32 bit (August 29th,2017) Download
Mac build
Demo build for Mac Universal (August 29th,2017) Download
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Hitoshi Kanno
Programming and Game Design
Alvaro Fernandez
SFX and Music